Greengate Mall Revisited

Site Analysis

The Greengate Mall site was roughly 90 acres, bordered by U.S. Route 30 to the south and North Greengate Road to the east. Electrical transmission towers dominated the landscape at the western end of the site, paralleling the auxiliary employee parking lot. If the mall were to expand, the western section of the property would've been the best logical choice. The Greengate North office building is located at the far northern end of the former Greengate Mall site. Today, it sits hidden from view behind the Walmart store. Directly to the east of the mall proper is the Greengate East Shopping Center, which occupies an 8-acre parcel with direct access to U.S. Route 30 and North Greengate Road. The mall complex and outbuildings occupied approximately 20% of the total land area. More than 3,200 parking stalls were available during the peak of its existence.