Maul at the Mall (1998) Maul at the Mall (1998) Community Notes Advertisement for the Maul at the Mall. 22632061 Marquee The Greengate Mall marquee publicizing the Maul at the Mall, not to mention the seldom seen movie "Half Baked Phantoms." 22632218 Captain Justice Captain Justice chillin' outside his tepee. 22632329 Peter Karmanos Peter Karmanos arrives at the mall. 22632338 Face-Off Michael Dell (right) greets Karmanos. 22632341 POW! Dell catches Karmanos with a straight right hand. 22632343 Stumbling About A left to the body staggers Karmanos. 22632382 Spectators From left to right are Matthew Secosky, Dell's manager Jerry Fairish, and Captain Justice. The Captain's tepee can be seen in the background over his left shoulder. 22632384 Bargain Hunting Karmanos stops to check out the sales at the Dollar General store. 22632402 Going Up Dell bolts up the stairs while Karmanos shakes his fist in disgust. 22632404 Not So Fast Dell collars Karmanos. 22632454 Battered And Bruised Karmanos has the wind knocked out of him by a knee to the ribs. 22632504 Fight To The Finish Dell prepares to finish Karmanos off. 22632794 The Weapon Of Choice Karmanos just a split second before getting knocked loopy. 22632812 Vengeance Is Mine Dell stands above his beaten foe. 22632838 A Symbolic Gesture Dell drops two bucks in a symbolic gesture. 22632846 Sneaky Secosky Secosky sneaks in to pick up the bread. 22632874 Knocked Out A battered Karmanos is left for dead. 22632885 Window Shopping After the fight, Captain Justice checks out a pair of cowboy boots. 22632887