Demolition Demolition Main Entrance This area is the main entrance of the mall, which would lead to the Ladbrokes off-track betting center at the end of the corridor. 670521 Western Parking Lot Here's the western parking lot, full of potholes. The building to the left with the mosaic backdrop was home to a J.C. Penney store. At the other end of the mall, you can see the old Lazarus/Horne's building. 670525 Mangled Debris The mangled debris and heavy machinery is evident of the demolition. 670704 Lazarus Mall Entrance This was the Lazarus mall entrance. The mechanical room is the brown brick building to the left. 670850 Gutted Center Court Here's a picture taken a few weeks later. As you can see, more of the concrete facade has been demolished, revealing the gutted Center Court. Once the heart of the mall, this area housed a clock tower with a stairwell and a huge water fountain that shot straight up practically hitting the ceiling. 670857 J.C. Penney Mall Entrances In this picture, the multi-level mall entrances to the J.C. Penney building are visible to the left. If you look closer, you can even see the skylight and the storefronts. 671017 Close-Up Of Center Court A close-up shot of Center Court. Some of the architectural features, such as the rows of arches supported by brick columns forming an arcade and the horde of palm trees lining the mall's concourse gave it a plaza-like feel. 672323 Greengate North Looking toward the north, the tan building in the distance is the Greengate North office building. That building and the Dollar Bank branch are the only remaining structures left of the old Greengate Mall complex, which is now part of the new Greengate Centre. 675288 Panoramic View This is the view from the auxiliary employee parking lot. 677502 Lazarus Building Here's the Lazarus building with almost all of its walls gone. The third floor once contained management offices of the former department store as well as a mechanical room and you might even notice the blue backdrop which once displayed the Horne's name. 680226