Sandcastle Christmas (1995) Sandcastle Christmas (1995) Intricate Planning The highly detailed sandcastle village was a product of intricate planning and preparation. 120077905 Christmas Tree Sand Sculpture A main highlight of the sandcastle village, the Christmas tree sand sculpture rose prominently in the mall's Center Court. 120077962 Holiday Splendor Christmas lights add to the holiday splendor of the display. 120078036 Railroad Tunnel A sandcastle village is not complete without a railroad tunnel, adding to the allure of this wonderful display. 120078002 Massive Holiday Display The holiday display would occupy roughly half of the vast court area at the mall. 120078011 Big-Time Christmas Shopping Sandcastle Christmas display with Jo-Ann Fabrics and Foot Locker stores visible in the background. 120078018 Holiday Panorama A panoramic view of the sandcastle village. 120078104 Sandcastle Village The massive sandcastle holiday display at Greengate Mall. 120078026 Bright Luminance As nighttime settles in, the sandcastle village at Greengate Mall glows with a bright luminance. 120078138 The Magic Of A Sandcastle Christmas An overhead shot of the massive holiday display in Center Court. 120078130 Water Fountain The water fountain is also beautifully decorated with poinsettia plants. 120078263