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Welcome to the Greengate Mall Revisited History Pages. Through research and fact-finding, we’ve written and compiled a series of pages that provide an in-depth analysis into the history of Greengate Mall. Please follow the links below to view these pages.

Pre-Mall Era – Postwar Hempfield Township would experience a massive demographic shift prior to the development of Greengate Mall.

Planning and Development – Greengate Mall was conceived by two of the most influential urban planners of the 20th century, James W. Rouse and Victor Gruen.

Life Within The Walls – Greengate’s status as a community gathering space was a product of novelty and curiosity.

A Growing Threat – Competition ensues for Greengate Mall as its rival competitor opened for business on the other side of Greensburg.

Fading Fortunes – Trouble arrived in earnest during the early 1990s with the departure of J.C. Penney from Greengate Mall to its cross-town rival, Westmoreland Mall.

The Final Years – Radically transformed from its glory days, Greengate’s dying breaths were taken as the mall entered its terminal stage.

Redevelopment – Dispensed with any notions of Greengate’s reinvention, the new owners start anew in the form of a hybrid power center.

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